Recruitment Notice: Apply online for Technical Officer (Senior Purfusion)(Advt No: I-65/Recruitment/2018-19)
List of Eligible Candidates for Faculty Appointments(Advt. No:10/ER/ACAD/2017-18) uploaded on 22/10/18
List of Not Eligible Candidates for Faculty Appointments(Advt. No: 10 / ER / ACAD / 2017-18)
Recruitment Notice of various posts under physically challenged category (Advt No: I-54/Recruitment/2018-19)
Recruitment Notice: Apply Online for Various non-teaching Post (Technician, MR Attendant...etc) (Adv. No: I-48/rectt/2018-2019)
Recruitment Notice: Apply Online for Statistical Assistant(non-teaching Post) (Adv. No: I-39/recruitment/2018-2019)
Recruitment Notice: Apply Online for Tutor/Lecturer (Teaching Post) (Adv. No: I-52/Acad/2018-2019)
RESULT: Faculty Recruitment - SGPGIMS(Advt No: I-9/ER/ACAD/2017 - 18)
RESULT: Faculty Recruitment - APEX Trauma Centre (Advt No: I-32/ER/ACAD/2017 - 18)
Standard Operative Procedure/policy for Swine Flu Patients Coming to the Institute
Office Memorandum: A Permanent negotiating Machinery (PNM) Constituted(No:10016/PGI/DIR/DC/16 date: 28/07/16)
Tender Notice
Online Deposit: Course FEE

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