Name Designation Contact Information Profile
Dr. Pulak Sharma Assistant Professor, Orthopedics pulaks[at]sgpgi.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Anurag Baghel Assistant Professor, Orthopedics abaghel[at]sgpgi.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Kumar Keshav Assistant Professor, Orthopedics keshavortho[at]sgpgi.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Amit Kumar Assistant Professor, Orthopedics amitsgpgi[at]sgpgi.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Amit Kumar Singh Assistant Professor, Trauma Surgery amitps[at]sgpgi.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Kuldeep Vishwakarma Assistant Professor,Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery kuldeepv[at]sgpgi.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Siddharth Rai Assistant Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation srai[at]sgpgi.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Awale Rupali Bhalchandra Assistant Professor, Lab Medicine awale[at]sgpgi.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Sangram Singh Patel Assistant Professor, Microbiology sangram[at]sgpgi.ac.in View Profile