Department of Medical Genetics
        The department offers the following training programs 
    • DM (Medical Genetics)
    • PhD
    • Post-MD/MS Course in Biotechnology
      DM (Medical Genetics)
      This course is for medical personnel. The course aims to (a) provide in-depth knowledge of principles of basic genetics, genetic diseases and genetic counselling, (b) make residents competent in diagnosis and management of genetic disorders and to interpret genetic laboratory data, and (c) teach communication, counseling skills, prenatal diagnosis techniques and make them capable of acting as consultant medical geneticist. Please click here for further details about the DM (Medical Genetics) course.
      Post-MD/MS Course in Biotechnology
      Objective of the course is to train faculty members of medical colleges in newly emerging areas of medical biotechnology including DNA diagnostics and DNA therapeutics molecular medicine. The course is of one year duration and two students are taken every year. Major areas of teaching include medical biotechnology, recombinant DNA technology and DNA-based diagnosis and therapeutics. Prospective students should have MD/MS or an equivalent degree in any medical speciality. Selection is on an all-India basis. Please click here for further details about the post MD/MS course.

The completed projects of the department include
  • Molecular characterization of beta-thalassemia encountered in the state of UP
  • Feasibility of introducing genetic services in National Family Welfare Programme
  • Molecular analysis of muscular dystrophy
  • Anti-idiotic antibodies in Habitual abortion, sponsored by ICMR, New Delhi, 1993-94.
  • Development of diagnostic reagents for HLA typing
  • Antibodies against cytoskeletal components in autoimmune diseases
  • Control programme for thalassemia by antenatal screening
  • Genotoxic effects of MIC: Cytogenetic studies and outcome of pregnancy in population exposed to MIC at Bhopal 
  • Studies on Handigodu disease
  • Double blind randomized trial of periconceptional vitamin supplementation for prevention of neural tube defects
  • Establishment of norms of anthropometric measurements of areas of complex anatomic development for diagnosis of genetic syndromes
  • Linear growth and body proportions of thalassemia major patients with special reference to nutritional status in India

The current research projects of the department include : 

    • Studies on HLA association with Rheumatoid Arthritis 
    • Immunogenetics of Bhargavas, Chaturvedies and Brahmins of UP
    • Study of mutation, premutation and masaicism in fragile X mental retardation families
    • Identification and characterization of unknown Beta-thalassemia Mutations by direct sequencing of PCR product 
    • Prevalence and molecular characterization of alpha thalassemia in UP 
    • Molecular characterization of alpha thalassemia and its association with beta thalassemia 
    • Production of HLA cell tray from pregnant mother sera with a view to produce complete HLA typing in India
    • Probability of finding HLA matched unrelated donors based on molecular typing of class-II antigens
    • Maternal Immunoregulation and fetal survival.
    • Awareness of genetic diseases among rural women. 
    • T Cell Interaction with MHC and rheumatoid arthritis
    • Study of longitudinal growth and bone radiography in relation to oral iron chelation Deferiprone (Kelfer) 
    • Standardization of PCR for antenatal diagnosis of DMD
    • Globulin chain separation in Thalassemia by HPLC
    • Rapid detection of beta thalassemia mutations by ARMS
    • Unknown beta thalassemia mutation characterization by sequencing
    • Coronary artery disease and thalassemia association
    • Polymorphic RE sites in hemophilia

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